Four Women Artists

Danielle's Octopus "Mason"
Cassie's Octopus with her handmade crochet net

Danielle's Sculpture "Olive Us"

I went on the First Friday Art Trail last night and visited the most unique galleries. There was almost a gravitational pull to four women's artwork on the trail that connected with me. The first gallery was The Stray Dog to see Danielle and Cassie's show. It was an INCREDIBLE experience! Thier press release says it so well:

“Where the Sea Meets the Sky” is a B.F.A show with artwork by Visual Studies majors Danielle Luke and Cassie Holdridge. This is a whimsical and playful exhibit that contains paintings, ceramics, jewelry, and mixed media sculptures. Cassie’s funky sea creatures give the viewer a glimpse into the deep sea with a juxtaposition of dangerous but utterly beautiful figures. Danielle’s owls and silly children tell what it’s like to be a student and future art teacher.

I have the privilege of hanging out with these girls, seeing some of thier art in progress, and knowing what their art is about. Especially Danielle's Owls, Octopus, and Olives that relate to her student teaching experiences because I am student teaching too. * Her adorable creatures need a home! Check out her Etsy Store to purchase a piece of her art for yourself- www.oliveeyes.etsy.com!

Then I went to a quaint little store down town to see Caitlynn's art which was all around the store like a scavenger hunt! She had photography, collage, altered books, and Cyanotypes. All of her heart is so personal, I love it!

Then I saw the art of Ann Trask (www.anntraskartist.com) at a large gallery. Her art is about lost children and thier pictures that you see in the mail or on a milk carton. They become so personal as a piece of children's clothing. She stitches the papers together and creates clothing that looks a child has suddenly disappeared out of. I hope that her work opens many people's eyes about this tragedy that so many parents go through. I know it opened mine.

Wow! What a night of Art it was!!!! Does art ever just tug at your heart like it does mine? Or maybe the beauty of words? Or a melody that matches what your heart sings? I'd love to know :).


The Roberts' said...

i dont have a heart for art like you do molly, but my heart is touched by music. lyrics that say the perfect thing in the perfect way, that describes what i feel or think in a way better than i could have ever put it, with a melody that sings in my heart (most of the time it is a christian rock melody, ha). i love how unique God made us all!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful art. Those sea creatures are so interesting! I wish that we had a First Fridays gallery open house like you do in your town. It seems like so much fun!

Jenna said...

1)Your blog makes me happy, EVERYTIME I read it... Thank you!
2)I love the "olive us" thing, those are awesome!
3)Your notes on my blog are so encouraging, THANK YOU again!