Blogger withdrawals! It's been too many days since I've written and my silly internet would not let me load pictures!!! I got so excited when it finally worked today! Thanks for bearing with me. Here are the custom paintings I've been working on for my new friend.

This one is like the one I have in my banner (above), but I painted it to look like it's new owner. It is complete with shiny blonde hair and her favorite purple plaid coat!

This is for the same special lady and she wanted a larger version of a small watercolor I did. It is the largest watercolor/pastel painting I have ever painted! And it was SO FUN to paint. (note to self...more big watercolor paintings.) If you click on this image to see it larger you can see that all the swirls are carrying words from a Psalm. This piece is all about "Selah" which in I think The Message version of the Bible describes this musical moment as "a pause to calmly think of these words". I just loved that and I wanted to show that with a peacefully flowy painting.

Well, I have had to put the rest of my custom paintings on hold for a few days because I'm working on a landscape with my high school kids. I'm learning so much teaching them. They are funny, talented, insane, silly, amazing, and it's been a blessing to spend the past 4 1/2 weeks with them! 1 1/2 weeks to go! Here's the start of my example (do you see something hidden in my clouds? It's very faint...who will find it first?!)

****You guys that are loving the artwork from my last post- check out the artist's (Danielle's) new etsy shop! Especially if you are looking for a present for me! www.oliveeyes.etsy.com It's AMAZING! I bought this adorable owl painting from her at her art show on Friday. Don't you just love it?!****

Thank you for listening, I'd love to hear back from you. Have a nice evening!

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hi thats for the shout out but it is www.Oliveeyes.etsy.com!