"Miss, this is clean"

My students are always teaching me something, whether it's new lingo, art technique, or how to teach more effectively. I have also learned that my last name is some how hard to pronounce. I was called "Ms. Ralph" today. One student noticed my ring and asked if I had gotten engaged. When I said yes, he said- "well shut up and shoot me!" HAHA!

Here are some samples from my painting lesson for Art 3 on Wednesday.
Even the student's experiments turned out wonderfully! It was fun to show them a new way to paint

Here is the start of my example for colored chalk pastels. It's really fun- I haven't played with this stuff in awhile so it's been quite an adventure. I have found when teaching- I learn so much!
I started a new fabric book that I hope to show you soon! More teaching tomorrow and then time for weekend! YAY!

P.S. "Clean" means "cool"

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