Liquid Love!

This semester has been a tough one, with good, bad, and beautiful moments. It's amazing to me how God has been with me all along and everything has a purpose. Sewing each page of this book by hand, I had time to think and work through what has happened. God is good. This book is called "Liquid Love" and it compares coffee/ tea with situations I've been in and how the Lord has been with me.

Today was amazing....I had about an hour this morning to sit at Starbucks- journal, read & pray. I have a new perspective and I am excited to work amazing students (who are ARTISTS) for about another month. What an opportunity!

I'm ready to keep going with the rest of this semester, all I can say is ..."Pour me some".


The Dodds said...

LOVE IT... this is amazing! You are amazing!

sarah.b said...