Just For FUN!

Last night Danielle (how would I survive as an artist without her?!) brought me an INCREDIBLE cupcake that she made me!!! The icing tasted like a marshmallow cloud. What a way to end an evening.

Tomorrow I'm going to a job fair looking for a position at a school as an art teacher. These are my portfolio packets that I will hand out with my resume. When you open it, there is a CD with images of my artwork and then the long side holds a print out of my students' artwork. The paper is s.e.i. Penelope's Potpourri (www.shopsei.com) and I think it gives a "sophisticated/playful" vibe- perfect for an art teacher right? I pulled out the ol' book making skills to make this. If you're interested leave me a message and I'll explain in more detail.

More art to come soon because I'm bursting since this weekend! God is so good to give me this way to praise Him!

With that...I'm leaving you this thought.....

have you done anything just because it's fun lately? I realized I don't do that enough...it all started with that cupcake. This morning I spent almost an hour in bed watching a movie before I went to school. What do you do just for the fun of it?


The Dodds said...

THE GRAND CANYON!!! hehe... I wish I could say we were that exciting most of the time!

Morgan said...

Molls! I'm so glad to find out you have a blog. They are so fun right? I don't update mine very often but it has made me take the time and look back on the special moments in my life.

Well I just wanted to say that I love your ring and I love looking at your art. You are so creative! Love ya :)