Summer Featured Artist: Alana with Amalgamate Dance Company!

I met Alana, Aubrey, and Heather of ADC last summer and God has used thier stories, lives, prayers, and dance to change me! I'm so excited to share Alana's interview today!!!
Open your heart to the world of dance!
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1. How did you get into dance?

My oldest sister started putting me in her dances around the house. Eventually my parents enrolled me at Carolee's Dance Studio and I simply fell in love with dance. It became a huge part of discovering and developing who "Alana" is...
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2. What most inspires you?

People who act on great courage and faith when the odds are against them, and never give up. A great piece of music also tends to inspire me. When choreographing, my dancers are certainly a huge source of inspiration. I generally pull from their life experiences.

3. Who are you favorite dancers? (do they have a website)?
Aside from Amalgamate Dance Company at

I enjoy watching Pilobolus as they have a truly unique signature.

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4. What's some of the best advice you've ever been given?
"All money is God's money. He has endless resources." and "strive to maintain great character in all situations and circumstances"

5. What MUST be in your studio/dance space?
physically speaking: Windows, Artwork, bottled water and a great music system. I also need fearless, strong, and teachable dancers...

6. Favorite drink:
coffee in the morning

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7. Top 5 creative music:
pends on the day; ranges from classical to world music

8. What is a typical day like for you? When do you make time to be creative?
Wake up, brush teeth, make coffee, eat breakfast, do some admin work for Amalgamate, teach dance classes at local schools and studios, come home to eat lunch or go to a company meeting, rehearsal with Amalgamate in the evenings, come home and eat dinner with my husband, Nick. Creative time for me is found in the studio working with other dancers.

"my husband, Nick, who is a huge support in my artistic career "

9. Why do you create?
I create because it brings joy to my life. It is a way to direct personal stress into something that can release the creator as well as entertain and edify others. I personally believe I was created specifically to use my love, passion, and gift for dance to impact others. This is why when the going gets tough, I stay on the road and forge ahead to my best ability. It is my purpose.

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10. What advice do you have for dancers who are just getting started?
Spend time developing your personal signature in dance. Build confidence by taking various technique classes and then work on your improvisation skills so you can completely release yourself to the gift that's inside of YOU, not the person next to you. It's not easy; accept your strengths and weaknesses so you can incorporate them into a unique craft. Talk about the journey with the people around you and strive to support one another. Set goals and go after your dreams.

11. How did ADC come about? What is your favorite thing about it?

ADC birthed from a place of faith. God said go....and I went. I immediately ran after my best friend Aubrey and shared the vision over pizza in downtown New York December of 2005. She was quick to jump on board as a Co-Founder and dancer and our journey began...
There are many favorite things about ADC. The people are it's greatest attribute. Working with people who are authentic, inspire, and dream big dreams is priceless. I also love that we use our company and choreography to raise awareness and inspire transformation by telling significant stories that effect humanity.

"my best friend and ADC Co-Founder, Aubrey

(Aubrey and I are big on celebrating when great things happen so the moment doesnt pass you by....)"

12. How does your faith effect your dance?
In two words: It's everything.

13. What's your newest adventure?
Learning how to write grants...

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14. What's your favorite thing about what you do?
Seeing people's lives change and effected in a positive way through our performances, workshops, and Q&A's. One can effect many.

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