Link Love Friday (Top 10!)

(Chalk Ampersand by Tommaso Guerra)

It's been a crazy week, but I've certainly missed writing! Thanks for all of the sweet words about my "Link Love" post last week. It felt so good to hear your thoughts and have conversations about personality types, school lunches, and books added to Christmas lists! My dream for this space it that it would inspire you.... thank you!

Okay, so here's my top 10 from around the web this week! Have a lovely weekend!

- Five ways to LIVELY up your morning toast! Then make toast into a tasty satisfying dinner ...for the win!

- Surprising Fall Trends... (I can't wait for Fall!)

- Ampersand + Chalk Art = LOVE

- Pumpkin Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies (cuz, duh!)

- 9 Places to NEVER wear Jeans (this is interesting!)

-A peek inside Kirsten Dunst's LOVELY SOHO Penthouse (looks like a movie set- dreamy!)

-Quick Guide to Every Herb & Spice (I know I'll be needing this as I learn more about cooking)

16 Autumn Date Ideas! (some of these are brilliant! Plus I love her British blogging voice;)

- Unsure what to wear to work? I saw a couple of blog posts about it here & here this week! I keep my style inspiration here!

-Dress your Tech with these watercolor wallpapers (so sweet for these rainy days)

I hope you enjoy reading these over the weekend! I'd love to hear your thoughts again! What are your faves? Learn anything new? Anything inspire you? Happy Friday!

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