Painting in Progress

Since I'm working with the theme "coffee"and I've already explored a couple of ideas with coffee mugs and steam, I wanted to go a more "honest" direction for this painting! I think a "to-go" cup is a much more realistic look at our usual coffee drinking and I see beauty there too! A "to-go" cup may be from a visit witha friend at a local Starbucks or maybe it represents a morning when you're taking on the world and you're out the door in a hurry! Whatever the story, I wanted this painting to feel a bit more rough and textured. It has a more emotional quality somehow and I'm really enjoying the process. So far I've used only 6 colors and one palette knife! I love how a little bit of blue is sneaking it's way in and bringing extra life and dimention.

What do you think? Does your coffee typically look like this? What's the story behind it?

Don't forget this piece and a few others will be on sale tomorrow at noon! Just follow me here for your chance to claim this painting first! @specsandwingsgallery

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