DIY Paint Cart!

I've been seeing adorable "bar carts" all around the blog world for months. In these "DIY" posts a blogger shares the basic ingredients essential to make the best drinks for any guest on a portable cart. Since I'm not much for drinks (besides coffee!) I decided to share my favorite basics for a DIY Paint Cart! 

I have been using a cart in my studio for the past few months and I LOVE IT! You wouldn't believe how handy it is to have everything you need in one place. Especially if you like to create different places in your home (like on the kitchen table, in the backyard, or where ever the best TV is...ha!) Just push your cart of supplies to any area and get to work! ;)

These are my 12 favorite items to help you get started on making your own painting cart! 
Here goes...

1. Large Brushes- For larger canvases & backgrounds
2. Various Shapes Medium & Small Brushes - for any details you paint, the right brush makes a difference!
3. Palette Knives- for mixing colors and creating textured paint applications on canvas
4. Acrylic Paint in Several Colors- I prefer Heavy Body Liquitex Acrylics
5. Water Jar- to rinse out your paint brushes between colors
6. White Gesso- to prime your canvas
7. Slow-Dry Medium- this is a GREAT help for acylics that dry to fast! Just add a little to your paint and work longer!
8. Matte Medium - so many amazing uses but I love to use it for collage paper or as a sealant 
9. Glass Paint Palette- makes it easier to see colors and you can use a razor blade to carefully scrape off dried paint
10. Paint Rag- for messes!
11. Scissors - because you just always need them
12. Color Wheel- to help with color mixing and explorations!

Come back soon..... I'm going to share some "Just for Fun" art cart ideas & variations! I hope you enjoy putting together your cart! Happy day!

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