Still Life Revived

When I was in art class in college, "still life drawing" was categorized as the "boring stuff". The teacher would lay out some plastic fruit, some strange cow skulls, a mannequin arm, some glass bottles and a wrinkled piece of fabric and then tell us how long we had to draw the items from our point of view in the room. It's a great exercise, but the end result was nothing I wanted to hang on the wall... :). 

The reason I didn't like still life drawing in college was that I had to relationship with the items I was drawing and to me they didn't tell a story. (and if they did.. it was a boring one!) So, now I love a beautiful well done still life drawing or painting when I see real emotion and energy in the work. Check out these beautiful still life paintings.... they are anything but boring!

James Paterson  

Janet Hill

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory

Jennifer Fairbanks

Robert Joyner

Angela Moulton

Please click through the artist names under each painting to see more of their work and stories! Each one is amazing!
As I go back to the studio, still life is still my starting place. I started a painting of one of my succulents over the weekend and I'll be sharing my experience and some photos of the painting in process later this week! What do you think about still life? Did these paintings change your perspective? Share your thoughts with us!

Happy day!

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