Favorites around the web this week that make me feel like being a "crafty-foodie-edgy-painty-driven-artist"! ha!

This DIY Tassel Blanket from Tell, Love & Chocolate is darling! It's a must-make!

A Vertical Pear Salad by The Novice Chef or this Tomato and Zucchini Fritatta from Love & Lemons? YES.

Jess Lively is my new podcast crush and she's come out with some awesome "Intention Tattoos"! I think this is brilliant and who wouldn't feel a little edgy wearing one of these?!

"Painty" things always make me swoon! How beautiful is this Hand Painted Clutch from Amelia?!

I'm a bit of a planner so this "Plan of Action" Printable Day Planner is so lovely! It makes me want to get stuff done!

3 artists that have my attention lately:
Jenny Andrews-Anderson
Carol Marine's Painting-a-Day
Geoffery Johnson at Hubert Gallery

I hope these inspirations are getting you excited! Which are interesting you today?!

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