Creative Life

What's been going on in my creative life? Well...

- I've started being more intentional about taking care of my body.  So... I'm learning (and pinning about!) how to make healthy and low cal snacks. :)
- I've started to accept "Packaging Design" clients! One per month, let me know if you're interested!
- My bff and I decided to make pretzels! Yum.
- Sweet little hedge hogs on my window sill.
- Open face pretzel pizza and a salad lunch (Half healthy, right?!)
- Coffee with my parents while sketching a pair of custom Toms!
- Oh ya!... I got a "lob" haircut! (It's a hybrid word I guess for "long-bob")
- I've been working hard on my studio and closet... getting ready for a new year of creating!

What's been going on in your creative life? Share it on instagram #creativelife @specsandwings !
Happy day!

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