Getting Organized!

Last week I was doing some research for a little article I was writing and I came across some really fun organization stuff! I know, I'm kinda nerdy about it, but I thought I'd share a few things I found in case they might help you out!

1. FREE Printables
I found these great printables and made a few copies, punched holes, and put them in a notebook to start getting organized! I pretty much love anything that is designed well and these pages fit the bill to a T! My favorites are: Blog Topic Ideas, Blog Calendar, Month at a Glance, Perpetual Calendar, Client Info.... (hard to choose!)

Blogging Simplified and Simplified Planner  by Emily Ley

2. Organization Apps
I scoured the app store to find these... I hope you like them too!

Simpler- for arranging contacts into groups!
Real Simple & Wunderlist- for list making (a full time hobby)
Planit Planner - a simple planner with a killer design

3. Desk Set Up
I'll have pictures soon (I hope!) but it makes all the difference to have my desk set up with stationary, paper, pens, etc. all together and ready for work. Otherwise I spend 20 minutes looking for a pen and I forget what I was doing in the first place! ha!

Well, I hope these few tidbits are helpful for you this week! If you have some great tools for getting organized, please share in the comments!

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