Beautiful Transitions

One of the trees outside our house has beautifully colored leaves in the fall. (Dream come true for this girl who can't get enough of my favorite season!) When I stopped to take a closer look one day, I realized that the changes that happen are so vibrant and beautiful. It's such an amazing process of the leaf dying for the fall/winter season. God chose to make it so beautiful... ya know? The leaf could just turn brown and fall, but instead there are brilliant hues of golden yellow, deep red, and pops of orange!

Then, God started speaking to my heart through His artistry in these leaves. Christ calls for me to die to myself so that He can live. The process of dying to myself is hard, but so beautiful. As God walks me through a time of letting go of my plans and dreams and trusting him... He makes it into something so beautiful!

The process of letting go is so freeing, right?! It's so amazing that our God loves us and is forever faithful! When I started these paintings, the first one was so "tight"..(the red one!) the leaf is mostly realistic and I added the word textures while sticking to a monochromatic color palette.  Moving on to the yellow one, I can see that I started to loosen up, try new things and let the paint flow more freely. By the time I got to the green one, I had tasted the freedom and let loose! I mixed greens, maroons, golds and even some blues to convey the "Beautiful Transitions".

Now these paintings sit on my fireplace and remind me of this season in my own life. Helping me remember what God has done (and is doing!) and encouraging me to die to myself and experience the Beautiful Transition of giving up my plans for His perfect plan.

What about you? Have you seen "Beautiful Transitions" in your life? Tell me more in the comments. :)

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