Studio Design: Mood Board!

I know, I know, I need to change it up around here.. ha ha! I'm just so excited about fixing up our in home studio!!! I've shared my favorite work tables, chairs, rugs and etsy finds over the past few days, but today I'm taking a cue from my sweet friend Melanie and making a quick mood board to center the design. :)

This board has so many of the "feelings" associated with the design in my head... industrial, metals, wood, glass, sunlight, "paint-y", clean, inspiring, chalkboard, "print", peaceful, creative, fresh, etc....

What does this mood board make you feel? :)

Coming up this week and next... a couple of awesome "Your Story" posts you won't want to miss!, a before shot of the studio, possibly some sketches/in progress studio photos, DIY, "Currently" and more!

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