Liquitex Box

Guess who sent a box of samples?! My favorite paint brand, Liquitex! I'd emailed with a sweet rep from there, signed up on the website, and she sent this fun box of goodies... it's seriously like Christmas in this box!

There's sample Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, Ink!, Spray Paint, a Paint Marker and a Free-Style Brush! There's something so fun about trying out new mediums, right?!?

They also sent a Free-Style metal journal and The Acrylic Book- full of explanations about how acrylics are made, how they work, how to read the labels, etc...

Yes, I'm sure to totally geek out over this book!

These are project cards that provide ideas on how to use these cool products from Liquitex! I can't wait to dive in and try everything! I'll be sharing my journey on the blog so keep an eye out!

Anybody ever used these items before? I'd love to hear how you used them!

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