Watercolor Ombre Bag DIY

Is anyone else loving the "ombre" craze? I think it's so beautiful and soft to blend watercolors. It's really fun and easy too! You'll need a set of watercolors (I used opaque watercolors called gouache) a big paintbrush, a cup of water and a cotton bag (mine's from the $1 section at Target!)

Before you start, place a little piece of cardboard inside the bag to protect the back from paint bleeding through. Start with a darker color like this deep blue and paint the bottom of the bag. Use lots of paint because it will dry lighter.

Next, paint some plain water right above the blue paint. Blend the water and the blue paint until you see a nice gradient.  (You may need to add a small amount of blue paint to the water if it's not blending well.)

Next choose a little lighter version of the first color you chose. I put a little aqua in with the blue mixture and blended it upwards again into more water.

Continue to add water all of the way to the top of the bag and blend the aqua lightly upward to meet it.

Let your bag dry and you're done! These would make great gifts for your friends and family... who doesn't love a pretty bag?!

 Have FUN!

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