Tying the Knot Toms

One sweet girl from Texas and her fiance in Ethiopia are tying the knot! To tell the story, I painted this sweet pair of wedding Toms. I asked the bride for a few details on the style and colors of her wedding and I made a Pinterest board. Then we decided on a design and I couldn't wait to get started!

Two people from across the world are coming together to start a new life. I settled on the Texas and Africa shapes with a heart representing where the bride and groom each live. Out of each heart, I painted a string with wedding bands hanging from it to symbolize their marriage.

This color scheme was so inspiring to me. I love the coral, mint & gold because it feels modern, glitzy and like a celebration! Then the groom sent the phrases "I love you" as said by a groom to his bride and a bride to his groom in his native language. Wow! I love how personal these Toms are! Painting this text was a little challenging, but I love the way it turned out.

I also included a banner across the side of each shoe that spells out "Just Married"! Congrats to the awesome bride and groom! I hope these Toms remind you of your special day everyday!

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