Being Brave & Letting Go of Fear

I have been trying to paint for awhile now. I'll sit down and get everything out and start do try things on different canvases, only to find myself feeling stuck. Yesterday I sat down to (try to!) paint again and I suddenly realized I'm in the same place I find myself in from time to time... frozen. Remember in my story how I can get tied up in fear, and it keeps me from painting? I recognized it happening and remembered how I got out of this place the first time... remembering who (and Who's) I am and "just going for it".

When I get too worried about what people think or if my paintings are "good enough" I just stop painting all together. When I remember that God has given me this passion for art, encouraging people and expressing the joy and hope I find in Him.... I feel the courage from trusting God to keep going!

If I wait until I have the "perfect painting idea" or stop painting until I know I can paint a painting that looks "good enough" ... I'll never paint. I have to just start somewhere and paint without fear! Try things, use colors I might usually choose, and do something brave with my paintings. That's where the name "Specs & Wings" comes from... it's a reminder to me that I am brave because of God and I am free to create without fear!

What do you do when you get stuck? I'm really excited about these upcoming paintings! I'm experimenting on 3 canvases right now.... look for them in the Specs & Wings Etsy Shop soon!

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