Dig In!

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I saw this today and LOVED it. Ever get kinda stuck? Wondering what the next step is or what the next big goals (or small goals for that matter!) should be?  I came to realize this week that I always have goals and I really enjoy working towards them... but I hadn't been thinking about what they were specifically in awhile. I mentioned this problem to my sweet Jeremy who gave me a brilliant idea... write 'em down!

Sounds simple enough right? Although I'm constantly thinking about S&W, this little blog and my artwork... it's all just floating around in my brain... until I make it "real" by putting it on paper. I pulled out a notebook and started letting go of fears and expectations... and making a list! Sketches starting flowing out, branding ideas, painting series, blog interviews to consider and the "why's" behind what I'm doing. Suddenly my ideas turned into goals and the chaos in my mind found a focus.... a direction. I don't have everything figured out, but I've discovered more about where I'm going and what my goals are for for S&W!

I've got sweet supporters like my family and friends (and y'all) and I want to live my life worshiping God and celebrating Him with others. God gives me everything I need to make me brave!

Percolating ideas.
Frying up the fears.
Soaking my uncertainty in syrup.
Got indecision in the toaster.
Pouring a nice cold glass of bravery.
I'm ready to DIG IN!

So, what problems do you see this morning? Expect that they will be there... then eat them for breakfast!

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