Oklahoma Relief - YOU can help!

My heart and prayers are with the people in Oklahoma who are hurting. It feels so overwhelming, you may be thinking, "how can I help?" Today I want to share several artists who have created out love for OK, and are offering the profits from their creations to go straight to relief efforts! Every little bit helps...YOU can make a difference now!

1. States of Love Wrap Bracelet
2. "Hello" Tank Top
3. Great Stitch "Home" T-Shirt
4. Sooners Tornado Relief T-Shirt
5. Heart and Crafts Limited Edition Art Print
6. You Found Jacob Screen Print
7. Inspired By Henlee, "Home" Tee

Or just donate through the organization of your choice. (Lots of options here.)

Thanks for your caring and generous hearts! Please share more ideas on how to help in the comments.

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