Big Week!

This week has been big and exciting! I didn't really go into this week thinking so many things would happen, so it's been a fun surprise. ;) I wanted to share what's happening with y'all!

-First, I found out that you guys are awesome (which I already knew!) and you gave me 50 votes for a pair of Bonlook specs! They'll be sending them soon, I'll share photos as soon as they arrive... so fun!

-Then, I got to tell a sweet friend, who's been waiting quite a while on a couple of paintings, that they're set for  delivery TODAY! I put all of the finishing touches on last night and I'll take pictures for the blog this afternoon (yay!) It was such a fun project and I hope she loves the paintings!

- Lastly, I found out that I'm getting to write another article for my favorite magazine, Artful Blogging! I've been working on the drafts for a couple of days, but I have to finish it up for tomorrow's due date. Wow, I'm excited!!!

& that's what's going on around here. It's been an awesome week, I feel so blessed to get to do what I love and I'm so glad that I get to share it with you. :) Hope your week is great too!

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