In Progress Painting- Night Sky!

Blaring everything from Taylor Swift to The Lumineers, painting this sky felt more like a creative dance party!  First off I started with a giant 24 x 36 inch canvas that was just BEGGING to be painted! So, I covered the tables as best I could and found the most GIANT brush in my bin and got to it! (You should also know that I was cooking dinner at the same time.... yes, domestic goddess ..that's me! ha!)

I haven't done a lot of night skies in my previous paintings, so this was a challenge, but a FUN one! I poured all of the paint colors I wanted to use and got to painting(/dancing!) It was one of my favorite studio moments of all time! I felt so free and alive and like I was putting my whole self into it!!! Painting, blending, adding more paint, using a glaze, and flinging around this huge brush... it's every artist's dream! (Or at least this artist!)

^^I was paint/dancing so much here I couldn't even get a normal picture! HA!

I decided the sky needed more depth to give it some "haze" so I sprayed it with bleach! 

^^ You can see it eating away at some of the paint here^^

Then I got impatient so I turned the canvas on one end to let the bleach run a little...and ^this was the result! It was such a fun experience to not be worried about getting "perfect" results or "pristine" edges... in fact the opposite was more the goal! It's hard to tell from this stage, but after a few more layers, this sky turned out to be my favorite ever! Check back to see this painting when it's complete soon!

p.s. Dinner was good too....in case you were worried.  :)

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Alison Holcomb said...

LOVE this molly! the colors are beautiful, and that bleach technique looks so awesome! can't wait to see the final result. (and glad your dinner was good, too! haha!) xo.