I'm excited to share another "Your Story" post with the story behind a very special pair of TOMS! Enjoy...

1. Tell us a little bit about you, your style, and your story...

My name is Staci. I’m a single mom of a 4 year old little man. I work for Schlumberger Wireline and I am a photographer. I’m more of a “Free Spirit”, if you will. I love being able to make people smile.

2. What's the story behind your custom painted TOMS?

When I first heard about the TOMS and their mission to provide a pair of shoes (for each pair purchased) to someone in need, I immediately purchased a few pairs. With one pair, I knew I wanted Molly to create a masterpiece!

3. How do you feel when you wear them?

If you were to see my TOMS, they are me! They are alive, cheerful and represent all of my most cherished memories!

4. What's your favorite feature on your TOMS?

The vintage cameras and tattoos. Those are a part of my everyday life.

5. When people ask you about them, what do you say? Does it help you tell your story?

I tell people that this the best representation of me. They’ll immediately ask if I’m a photographer…which allows me to talk a bit about my passion!

6. What do the "tattoos" represent?

My tattoos:
One is a memorial tattoo for my Dad. He passed away in 2007 and I wanted a cross with wings to always remind me of the faith that he showed me daily in our walks with Christ.

My flowers show the beauty, unity and friendship that my mom, sister and I share.

7. If you could share one special part of your story, what would it be?

Always follow your heart and be yourself. I’ve been judged silently and openly about being a single parent and my love of “ink” but I have never let anyone get me down. I recently added some fresh ink that says “refuse to sink”…an awesome reminder that no matter what people say or think about you, just stand your ground.

Thanks Staci! You have such an awesome heart and spirit and I'm so encouraged by your story!

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StaciZ said...

Yay!! I love it!! Thanks Molly!