Behind the Specs: Part 2

So! To continue the story of the process behind my new logo (see last post for Part 1!) ... I shared a little bit of the history of Specs & Wings with my awesome logo designer, Liz! Here's what I told her...

I started my blog and etsy shop in 2008 while I was still finishing art school. I have always wanted to be an artist, but in 2010 I began giving more attention to Specs & Wings as a "business."  I began selling LOTS of handmade accessories both in my etsy shop and locally through a boutique and farmer's market.  I started to do lots of series and posting more consistently on my blog. I began to accept custom painting orders and got pretty busy!

In 2011, things picked up even more and I worked with a photographer to design and create photo sets for an event, designed packaging and a studio for a photographer, designed wedding invitations, and painted much larger paintings than before. I also painted two logo paintings for an anniversary event for a large oil business! It was certainly a year of firsts!

In 2012, I accumulated more custom painting jobs and decided I wanted to focus more on painting than accessories. I had an article published in Artful Blogging Magazine, and then my blog banner was published in the next issue as well. I also did an interview with a German blog called "Sockshype"! I also added custom TOMS and Blog Sponsorship to the mix.

Future goals.... that's part of the reason I really want to have a logo/branding designed, because I see it as the next step in growing my business. I'd love to do more custom work, eventually as a full time job. I would love to try other avenues like wholesale, galleries, store front, book, blog submissions, etc! Though I'm currently most interested in doing painting, I want to remain open to all types of custom artwork from sewing to design consulting in the future.

I also sent her a pinterest board full of inspiration I had been gathering for quite awhile. Here are a few things from that board....

Her response was awesome! I felt so understood and heard!...

"When creating your logo, I'm going to keep in mind the following:
Business-wise, you're evolving. Yesterday it was handmade accessories, today it's grown to include custom painting, and you don't want to be limited as to what tomorrow holds. Your brand will reflect that.

Identity-wise, I'm going to pull a LOT from your self-realization-in-art-school story. So inspiring. And what a powerful reminder to yourself in business AND in life. Your personality will also shine through in the vintage/modern flair and palette..."

Now that you know a little more about the story and history of Specs & Wings, I can't wait to share how Liz took my story and turned it into a brand! Be watching for Part 3 to see a bit of the design process and final reveal!

I hope y'all are enjoying these peeks behind the specs! :)

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