Behind the Specs: Blog Re-Design

I was nearing the end of my time in art school and I remember lying on my red couch in my apartment and considering what my sweet friend Danielle had mentioned...."Why don't you start a blog?" (*Confession, we used to meet in the computer lab each day before class to look at art blogs. I also brought a giant bag to hide my large Sonic DP since no drinks were allowed in the computer lab....but that's a story for another day. Yes, I'm a rebellious art nerd. :) Anyway, I decided to call it "Specs & Wings" and to journal out my creative life and share the stories behind art projects. I didn't know then what I would really do with a blog...or even if I'd continue writing in it, but here we are...almost 5 years later, and I have grown to really enjoy this space and getting to share experiences and stories with all of you!

Since I started blogging, my style changed, what (and how much!) I share changed, and my direction for S&W changed...so naturally when I had a brand new logo and branding style...I really wanted my blog design to match! My graphic designer made a blog banner for me, I was hoping to make some other changes but it's a bit out of my skill set (or TOTALLY)! I wanted a cool, modern design that was easy to navigate and nicely framed my blog posts. The hunt for a web designer began! I'd seen Melanie's work on my friends blogs and decided to email her. Melanie from "My Billie Designs" was a blast to work with and she really caught my vision! 

(photo from Melanie)
Melanie designed the perfect, simple and modern navbar that I'd been wanting! She put links to my most important pages right at the top of the page, easy for readers to find and use! You can even order paintings or Toms right off the navbar links! She did such a great job, I asked her to create some more buttons/tabs for my side bar....

Not only that! She installed everything and made more changes to make my blog consistent with my new brand! I love everything about it. On the day it launched I couldn't have been more excited!

If you're wanting to re-vamp your blog or get a whole new design, contact Melanie at My Billie Designs!

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