It's Happening!

( Beautiful drawing by: Crymz)

Sometimes, I just can't believe it! Ya know? All these things I've been dreaming of and planning for....they're really going to happen! It's still an adventure and I'll always be changing them for the better, but I'm pressing on the direction I've been heading and it's truly exciting! Coming up next month, you can expect a whole new  Specs & Wings! I've got a new branding style, a new logo, new tagline, new color scheme, new plans for the blog, new business cards, new stories to tell, new vision, and lots of other plans in the works! 

I couldn't be walking this journey with a more amazing tribe of readers, listeners, supporters, visionaries, encouragers, clients and friends...you're all amazing and I just want to say "thanks"!

I'm keeping most things under wraps before the upcoming launch, but one thing I'm sharing early is my new blog sponsorship offerings! If you'd like to advertise your business in January, I'm offering the same two great sizes along with a NEW Small Ad size for only $10! Medium Ads are $20 and Large Ads are $50 per month. If you're interested, please email me:specsandwings@gmail.com (Actual sizes below!)

Happy Dreaming today!

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