Rays of Hope TOMS

Remember when I mentioned that Danielle and I were painting some TOMS for Rays of Hope? Well, we finished them up and Danielle is delivering them today for National Child Grief Awareness Day. The beautiful thing to celebrate is the HOPE that kids have from visiting Rays of Hope!

I had the amazing opportunity to paint 4 pairs of TOMS for donors in any style they wanted! I painted these two pairs in a "Rays of Hope" theme...

Somehow I only got a couple of pictures of this pair, but I decided to use the "sun with rays" icon on the backs and do a rainbow chevron on the sides to match the color scheme!

It was so fun to make these REALLY happy!

I wanted to differentiate the pairs so I painted the other one's toes black!

Then on each of the sides and around the back, I blended all of the colors for the background.

The toes featured a "Rays of Hope" emblem and the name in blended colors!

The sides bear their motto (a little out of order in these pictures)..." I didn't cause it, I can't fix it, I can cope with it, and that gives me hope"

Isn't that an awesome motto?

I hope you notice everyone who's wearing blue today and remember the kids in your community who are experiencing grief. Help them know they're not forgotten or alone! Thank you for supporting Rays of Hope and if you'd like more information, please visit their Facebook page. There you can also see more TOMS painted by incredible local artists-BEAUTIFUL!

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Tara said...

ooooh, love that first pair!!!