Red Raider TOMS

I'm thrilled to show you these custom painted Red Raider TOMS! They're my first Texas Tech themed pair to show y'all and I'm pretty proud of them since they represent my alma mater! :)

I loved putting a big "Red Raider"on one toe...

and a "Double T" on the other!

On the insides I painted the words "guns up" and a couple of hands making the "guns up" sign! 

Then, one of my favorite features... chevron designs on the other sides!

I had more fun on the back of each shoe with polka dots and "red" and "raider"!

I was excited to do this pair of Red Raider TOMS and I hope I get to paint many more! I'd love to paint a pair for you to celebrate your favorite college or team. I'm currently taking orders for Jan./Feb.or if you'd like to give them as a Christmas gift, I now offer gift certificates! Just email me if you're interested: specsandwings@gmail.com

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Ragan Burkley said...

LOVE THEM! so cute!