This painting was SO much fun and totally unexpected! This painting is for a lovely friend who is a teacher! She will be hanging it in her classroom to inspire her students. Don't you just love this quote?!?

The classroom is mostly white with bright blue so I played off those tones and added white highlights.

I wanted this painting to have lots of "life" and texture so I used a lot of paint and made meaningful strokes around the edges, even in the lighter aqua color!

I added some "paisley type designs around the most important words to help them stand out...

.... and created the lettering to have sort of a "ribbon" effect which I think adds to the energy and movent of the painting. 

What an amazing challenge! Are you MADLY EXCITED about the POTENTIAL of today? If not, why not? Pray (with me!) about what God planned for you today.... I promise there's nothing boring about it! 

Do you need a reminder or some inspiration in your classroom or office? What would it say? If you're interested in having your own custom painting, click here!

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alison said...

gorgeous as always, molly! love it:)