Now & Then...Always Aggies! TOMS

This custom painted pair of TOMS has a very sweet story about a very special family! My "little sister" (from  big sister/little sister program when I was in youth group) asked me to create these TOMS for her mom (from her and all of her siblings!) to wear to all of the A&M games this year! SO SWEET...but it doesn't end there!

 Since her mom and dad met in college and all of her siblings are also Aggies, she wanted each shoe to represent those great years at A&M! 

One shoe is dedicated to the years that her mom and dad spent at A&M, including past emblems and their graduation years! 

The other shoe represents her and her siblings years at A&M with the current emblem and their graduation years!

SO amazing and meaningful!

I love it when a client asks for something really fun, unique and full of personal meaning! It's amazing to help someone tell their story.

What's your story? Ever thought about wearing it on your TOMS?

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kathy Josefy said...

Thank you Molly!!! I've never had such famous shoes before!!! You did an amazing job.