Fall Fashion Faves!

Specs & Wings Blog is all about live creatively! That's not just creating art on canvas, but with the way you cook, what you listen you, even what you wear! So, today I thought I'd share some of my favorite creative fashion ideas for Fall!

(Sources: 1. Chictopia, 2. La Vie Petite, 3. Olive Observer, 4. Kendi Everyday, 5. NY with Love, 6. Lily Greig Photo, 7. Sunday Crossbow,  and 8. Crush Cul De Sac)

1. Long skirts with long sleeve t-shirts! 
2. Layering button downs with cardigans. 
3. Adding LOTS of fall inspired colors! 
4. Blazer with dressy jeans. 
5. Elbow patches!
6. Monochromatic outfits with deep colored accessories. 
7. Mixing layers of colors, patterns, and textures! 
8. Dressing up using tights! 

What are your favorite ways to express yourself creatively this season? 

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