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Lindsay Letters via Promise Tangeman Blog

I love this quote from Promise Tangeman (she has the coolest blog, had a stellar wedding, and her hair is SO rad...but I digress...), and it's so true! Have you ever wondered what your style is? I love her explanation here. I think all artists struggle with this...right? In college, I brought 10 paintings to a professor for her to critique. I apologized that they were each so different and that there wasn't a "theme". I'll never forget what she told me..."each one of these paintings look great together because they are all your style, even if you don't see it." The truth is, you can't escape your style! Everything you do will be your style! Another professor told me that everything you create is a "self-portrait" because it's a reflection of YOU! :)

I have a hard time sometimes with comparing myself to other artists...or even getting on Pinterest and seeing all of the beautiful creations there! I was encouraged by an artist interview the other day to go "offline" to look for inspiration. I've been mulling this over lately...where do I go for inspiration? I love to go to the book store, walk through the art supply store, pick up paint chips in colors I love, listen to music, watch movies, and look through my journal and sketches. My life in the Lord and with friends, family and my love, the places I go and my experiences, are the best places to create from...they tell a story. 

You have a story to tell...are you telling it through your style? How would you describe yours style?
Be who God created you to be! Share your story! Be a truth-teller.

happy wednesday!

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Ragan Burkley said...

That's a great quote!!