Trend Spot- OMBRE!!!

Have you heard about this new craze?!? It's heaven for a painting nerd like me.....ahh the blending! Google defines "Ombre" as "borrowed from the tern "Ombre" from the French word meaning shaded or shading."

Well, thank you France.

I'm pretty sure I need to try this...
Craft Gawker

And this DIY could rescue some of my sad flats...
Swell Mayde

 Ombre packaging....hello!

Need these for my kitchen..
OhMEohMY Etsy

 Oh...the next time we have a tie dye party...
Cotton & Curls

 If I were brave enough to try a whole wall!...perhaps just a big canvas?
(not sure of source..but soooo cool!)

 Love it!..

The Sweetest Occasion

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite "ombre" inspirations! We're still hard at work on the house and moving, but I haven't forgotten about the Ampersand Pillow DIY...coming soon! I just finished mine...I'm loving it! Can't wait to share!

happy thursday....cuz everyday should be happy!

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