DIY House Cards!

We have been so blessed by friends and family since we bought our first home, I decided it would be fun to make some thank you cards...house style! You can too! Here's how...

1. Fold a piece of watercolor paper (or card stock)  in half and then cut from the middle of the folded side to create two cards. 

2. Cut the corners off of the top of the card to create a "roof" shape. I like for each of the cards to be unique so I didn't measure or use a ruler..they're fun funky houses!

3. Next use a stamp (or decorative paper) to decorate the front of the house. Then trace your "roof" onto a piece of pretty paper to layer on top!

4. Glue everything onto the front of the card and add your final details with pen or markers. I also rubbed mine with a distress ink pad and added some flower designs! Then cut the front of the card to create a "door" and stamp a message inside!

5. Try out all kinds of designs and elements...you might even try windows by adding a piece of folded paper!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY! These are so fun to make...I can't wait to make more!
happy tuesday!


Kasi said...

I'm gonna do this for my sister's bday!

Kasi said...

I am doing this for my sis's bday card!

Kasi said...

I'm doing this for my sis's bday card!