Take a Holiday!

Life's speed has seemed rather rapid lately and lists rather long. I finally got a few projects finished this week and I was so thrilled I decided to "take a night off" of working and painting! It was so lovely. I made myself some pasta, a fancy little cup of salad and some raspberry lemonade in a cute cup! Then I sat down to watch Roman Holiday! (Gotta love Audrey!)

 Sadly I fell asleep somewhere in the middle...but I think it was just what I needed. ;) Sometimes it's hard to do like Audrey and "take a holiday". There's so many things to do and life gets so busy! But just like the end of the movie, she knows what her responsibilities are and performs them much better after she takes a little break. :) 

Do you take "holidays" as little rewards from your hard work? I hope you do! I hope they were as wonderful as mine! 

happy weekend!

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