Biz Hero Allison from Pink Tumbleweed!

I'm so excited to kick off this series with this lovely local boutique owner! She's going to give us the scoop on how to spot trends...I so need this! Keep in mind this goes for every creative business from clothes to photography to art and more. We can learn so much! Enjoy...

Hi, I'm Allison from the Pink Tumbleweed in Midland and I'm so excited to talk to you new business owners and dreamers about spotting new trends!  I just got back from the Dallas apparel market and am still glowing from all the bright colors and bold prints I shopped through.  It seems this summer’s trends are all color driven and I am loving it!

Spotting trends has gotten easier for me since I started my first store four years ago.  I think some of that has come from moving to a little bigger town where people love to shop, love to try new things and be fashion forward.  While Midland Texas will never be as trendsetting as the vendors from LA I work with, we are much more open to new than Hobbs NM where I grew up and started my business!  I love being able to take more risk in clothes and having customers come in, fall in love and leave feeling like a fashionista!  

However, there are still things that I have to sell people on.  Perfect example: last summer the colored denim was starting its appearance.  I thought it was so fun!  There wasn’t nearly the variety of colors as this year but I decided to be bold and throw in a set of red to the basic white skinny for the summer.  I got them in, immediately snatched my size and put them on the sales floor.  I soon discovered I was going to have to wear my pair to work at least once a week so I could show people how to incorporate colored bottoms into their wardrobe!  Everyone was a little hesitant at first but I channeled my inner car salesman and sold them all!  Now this summer I can’t keep the things in stock!  I have noticed this with several things; trends start to come into the market and magazines and the first year people aren’t sure about them but by the next year or season they get on board in a big way!
So onto the good stuff…this year’s must haves!  The colored denim that we have already discussed!  Don’t think this is going anywhere this fall either.  I just got in several pairs in gem tones that are meant to transition you into winter.  I also found that several brands are cutting colored denim leggings to be worn with sweaters when this heat finally lets up!

Color blocking is the other major trend I saw.  Tops and dresses all had striking color combinations, mixing vibrant shades (even taking them all the way to neon) like hot pinks, greens, corals, yellows, and blues.  Use your colored denim, blazers, belts, handbags, and shoes to create this look.  Or find a fun and playful dress that has the combo done for you!

Sheer tops are also all the rage.  It seems like if it is a printed top it is sheer and usually with a fun cut out on the back!  So how to wear these fab prints?  If we were in LA they would say throw on a sparkle bra and go for it, but since we are in Texas I say layer it up with tanks or bandeaus!  Another plus with these tops is a lot of them have long sleevs.  For those of us who have to suffer the heat through September these will be great transitions into the fall!  Just pair them with jeans instead of shorts for the back to school season!

Statement necklaces are also a great way to make an outfit!  With all the solid color mix matching and bold 
prints this is a great way to accessorize and break up the print or add another color into the mix!


So there you have it; all the wonderful new trends that you should definitely have in your summer wardrobe.
Come see me at Pink Tumbleweed soon!


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