S&W goes International!

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Last week I mentioned a big announcement and here it is! Specs and Wings has gone international!!! I am so excited and honored to have been featured on the German website "Sockshype"!

Mark and Lotta describe their site this way:
"We're 2-3-4-5 young boys and girls from germany who are great in knitting and sewing but our hobby is dusty because it's practiced by old desperate women.

So we introduced a lifestyle website called sockshype to present our latest knittings and report about other aspirational knitting or sewing people. Now we did a few presentations about german cool people but you should be the first international guest we wanna hype on our magazine for self customised lifestyle."

I also asked M&L where they got the name "Sockshype"?
"In the german language you put words together to describe an object. I know, americans would never do eg: Communicationconzeptcheat = Cheat i wrote the concept for communication on. Did you get it?

In this case sockshype means the hype around the sock. Well, socks are knitted so the word describes everything thats knitted or sewed. SOCKSHYPE."

COOL! I'm thrilled to have my "Portrait" on Sockshype today! Please check it out here:

(Scroll down to read it in English!)

Also, check out all that Sockshype has to offer here!

Frohe Wednesday!

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