Living with Lyrics...

I love that song lyrics are near and dear to your hearts like they are to mine! When I asked for your favorites, I got SO MANY great responses and I can't wait to start using them in my next set of creations! I was thinking how fun it would be to have song lyrics decorating our home. Here are some fun ideas from around the web to inspire us!

A Beautiful Mess

Via BrookeAckley and Disfunctional Designs (great post!)

nodiggitynodoubt etsy

Candi Mandi Flickr

We Heart It

Patrick Laurent

I don't think these are lyrics, but it's a good idea! ;) -Pottery Barn

Mama Marcie

We Heart It

SO many fun ideas...anything inspire you to "live" with lyrics in your home?

happy tuesday!

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The Roberts' said...

Oh, that last picture looks oh so inviting...!