House Portraits

I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, but we've been looking for a house that we can make into a home. It's a hard process and a tough time in the market, but we still have hope and know that the right house for us is out there. :) I told my Jeremy that I needed to make some art about this (ha!). It's how I process things! 

What is more adorable, precious and just plain lovley than these "house portraits" by Rebekka Seale?!? She is AMAZING! If you've never read her blog...now's the time to start following her! She is enchanting and addresses each post to "friends". I've never been to a more welcoming, warm and hospitable blog as hers (seems only right for a an artist who paints homes!)

Have you ever seen paintings SO CHARMING!?! I'm LOVING them! It's amazing to read the stories that go along with each house on her blog. She writes:
"Even more sweet than painting the houses has been hearing the stories that go along with them. I am painting homes that folks grew up in, homes that folks were engaged in, and homes that have long ago fallen apart. All the stories, so very sweet. "

It was so encouraging to read about her own house story.
The truth is, it's not our house that makes a home anyway. So for now, we'll continue to love our little rented bungalow and dream of the days when we'll find that perfect place...because....

happy weekend everyone!