Don't Stop...

This is a painting I did right after college (note the old initials!). It was a study in symmetry and it was fun try to try out a new style, design, and color scheme. I found it the other day and remembered why I love it so much ....it represents this time in my life when I was purposefully painting, experimenting, and growing in my art...and as a person.

I love everything about this, even the actual "fold" down the middle. ;) I feel that I can move on from holding onto this painting because I'm ready to get back to this feeling and mindset. I want to explore new ideas, try things I never thought I could do and never, never stop growing as an artist and a person.

The summer is my favorite time to make goals (even though I make them throughout the year too). I hope to start my summer goals list and maybe even share some with you! For now...here's my reminder and since I'm letting it go, you can now purchase it in my etsy shop... www.specsandwings.etsy.com !

p.s. *I think this would be a really fun way to frame the painting!*

happy day!

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