Sweet Advice from Mom...

Sitting and visiting with my mom over lunch, she asked me about Alison's fundraiser. I loved getting to tell her the ways God has taught me and the mighty things He has already done on this journey! One of the most beautiful things she told me was a quote from Maya Angelou..."When you learn, teach. When you get, give." 

She told me that she's always loved that quote, and I can see it in her life!

I'm so thankful for her example and also for Alison's willingness to follow God's call to teach & give everything to the sweet orphans at the Noel Orphanage! Wow!

This is also a very different style of painting for me, but I must admit, I'm really excited about it!

My sweet Jeremy said it had a bit of an Italian feel to it!

If you'd like to purchase this painting as a reminder of our call to teach and give....and a reminder to pray for Alison....please visit www.aholcombphoto.etsy.com

thanks for letting me share!
happy monday!

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