There are a few new paintings up in Alison's Etsy today! I'm sharing her stories below each one...enjoy!

 Rosie part 2, 12x12 Acrylic Painting
"rosie" - this little painting was inspired by my sweet little girl, rosie who i met at noel orphanage. she is ten years old. as soon as i stepped off of the bus, she grabbed my hand tightly and stayed by my side for the two days we were there. although we weren't able to communicate well, i feel like God knew exactly who both of us needed those two days. rosie has the most precious deep brown eyes. just by looking into them, you can tell there has been a lot of heartache and loneliness in her life- but you can also see pure joy and innocence in them. they also give away a little mischief and a lot of warmth. her sweet smile brightens her entire face, and you see it quite often. her laughter makes you feel as if everything in the world is suddenly right.. also- she's a bit crafty.. she looped a pretty green jump rope around her neck and people "ooh'd and ahh'd" over her beautiful "necklace" all day long.. crafty and a bit sassy.. i'm pretty sure that combination means she could pass for my child. i get to look at that bright, precious face and love on her all i want when i return to noel in may. i can't even tell you how excited i am to see my sweet girl again.. 

 Inseko Smile 11x14 Acrylic Collage
inseko means smile in kinyarwanda- which is the language spoken in rwanda. having my camera in hand and a flock of kids around- i got to say this quite regularly while in rwanda. i'm sure the combination of having the camera in front of them- as well as the crazy mzungu butchering their language was what got all those sweet smiles out of them:) this painting absolutely makes me "inseko" because of the beautiful colors and the awesome floral camera. 

Remember Me part 2, 12x12 Acrylic Collage

one of the most touching things i witnessed on my trip to rwanda and ethiopia was the sweet children giving you any items they could (bracelets, notes, etc) they would look up at your with the sweetest eyes and tell you they would never ever forget you. they would also ask you if you could keep what they gave you and remember them. yes, sweet babies. we know your faces. we know your names. we will always carry you in our hearts. 

Sold! :)

I hope you'll go visit Alison's Etsy Shop and pick up a painting or print today! You have all been such an amazing support and I'm so glad to have such amazing readers and friends! :)

Coming up this week! More painting, new TOMS designs, and a bit more inspiration!
happy monday!

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