In Painting Heaven!

I can't tell you all how much I've learned and grown in painting in the last few weeks! In the beginning of this fundraising project, I saw the big pile of canvases and I thought it was SO EXCITING....but it doesn't compare to how exciting it is to see the pile dwindling down! Each day I wake up itching to get back to the "make shift studio" that has been set up anywhere from the fireplace to the footstool to the bedroom!  When I get home, I can't wait to add another coat, touch up some lettering, and start a whole new painting...or 4! I'm used to painting just a few custom pieces a month so this has been quite a stretch from the normal....but I LOVE IT! :)

I am dreaming of the day when I will paint this for a living (DREAM JOB!) day in and day out! It's amazing the things I have been able to try, mistakes that turned into beautiful accidents, layers of paint, paper, fabric....and my heart, cover each canvas full of stories of Alison's coming adventures, past joys, and current style. I count myself SO INCREDIBLY blessed to have be invited on this journey! The Lord has taught me so many things about myself, and about who He is. It's only because of HIM that I am able to do this many paintings so quickly, that your hearts have been drawn to Him through Alison's stories, and that you've been invited on this journey too! I'm so thankful that you've said YES! :)

It's a journey we'll never forget my friends! God is SO GOOD. 
I just want to remember how I felt in the middle of this project. ;)

Happy Day!

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