A Few Things About Morning Painting...

I'm not sure what it is, but I LOVE to paint in the morning! The weekends are the ideal times because I'm not trying to get anywhere early, but there's something extra special about painting on a weekday before I head to work. Here are my thoughts on the subject....

1. Painting in the morning makes me feel like I'm actually a painter, but I'm taking a little break for work ....instead of the other way around!

2. The morning light inspires me. It's full of fresh possibility!

3. If I make a mistake in the morning, I have the whole day to make it right. There will be plenty of time for paint to dry or layers to be added to remedy my spaz moment.

4. Painting in the morning means I'll probably wear paint on my hands for the rest of they day! (Confession: it's one of my favorite accessories!!!)

5. If I don't have a time piece handy, I'm very likely to get lost in my passion for painting and be late to work!

So, there it is! My feelings on painting in the morning....the good, the bad and the ugly. And also a sneak peek at the next set of Africa paintings for Alison's Etsy Shop! 

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happy wednesday!

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