Behind the Scenes of Being Published!

I am so thrilled to be published in the current issue of Artful Blogging Magazine! I wanted to give you a little peek at the process.....

It started last Fall with a sweet email from one of the editors asking if I'd consider being featured! I wasn't sure it was real! HA! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I finally calmed down enough to write her back and accept. She then sent me a list of items that she needed from me including a full length article about my experience with blogging and many photos that she needed from my blog. 

I had many rough drafts and many re-writes. Jeremy helped me edit and get the article in a place that clearly told my story. He helped me SO SO MUCH and he left me this sweet note on my rough draft after we practically scratched it all out and started over! :)

I also had the most amazing help editing my photos to be "print ready"! The beautiful and talented Kate Dominguez of The Wild Curl helped me edit each and every one just how I liked it. She is BRILLIANT with graphics and photos and she did an incredible job. 

My family had a big part in this adventure too! Both my Mom and my Dad have believed in me from the start and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams, even if they're a little wild and fun like being an artist. My Dad actually took 2 of the photos that were published including the one in my blog banner! My gorgeous  sister stars in those photos and she is also a genius at writing so she helped me write my "about the author" section! They're all fabulous! :)

I also mentioned several of the art projects I completed over the past year and how they have touched my life. Thanks to all of you, my readers and customers....this would not be possible without you!

When I got a final draft ready, I emailed it to the editor. Here I am pushing "send"! I felt excited, nervous and relieved that it was done!

I had to wait many months, but the magazine was released early in a few stores and then officially on February 1st! I got my copy in the mail yesterday...

I still can't believe it really happened! Being published has been on my "Big Goals" list for a long time and I'm so excited to have had this opportunity!

Thanks to everyone for the support and kind words! Your encouragement means so much! I hope you enjoyed a little peek behind the scenes of being published.

happy friday!

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Papercutz said...

That is such an amazing opportunity! It's awesome to see God work in his people - when they use their gifts & talents for his glory! So excited for you Molly!