Pink Bow Ties!

I was so honored to make these little pink bow ties for a sweet friend's wedding! More things I've never tried before, but I have to say, it was really fun! I think I need to make some little hair bows for myself! :)

Have you tried anything new lately? Been on any adventures? Why/ why not and what were they? 

happy friday!


Janet Davis said...

I tried something new - knitting with a spool knitter. I've never been good at regular knitting - all I can master are knit, purl and bind off. I found the tool to be simple and inexpensive. I felt productive in a short amount of time! I used the long cords I made to make coiled shapes and sewed pins on the backs. Then I decorated them with buttons. I think I will include them in cards for some close friends! (I would include a photo if I knew how!!)

Molly Swanson said...

That's so awesome! I'd love to see! Thanks for sharing!