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Sometimes it's hard to think creatively about Christmas gifts. I mean, it's really easy to go a store and just pick up a nice sweater or a gift card, but wouldn't it be amazing to give someone something they'll never forget?!? It'll take a little time, probably less money [spend less], and lots of heart! Are you up for the challenge?

Start by thinking about the person you're giving the gift to. Think about your relationship, memories, and what would show that person that you really care. Maybe even brain storm on paper first! You might even want to get some other people in on it too! :) Think about the way that Jesus gave....it was personal and relational!

There are countless ways to give creatively, but here are a few ideas I found around the web...

Room Service!
“Room ser­vice please” is what I’m call­ing this cus­tomized gift that is per­fect for so many occa­sions, such as an anniver­sary or a new baby arrival. Basi­cally you’re giv­ing some­one the gift of a home­made meal deliv­ered to their front door. Since pre­sen­ta­tion is every­thing, so they say, I’ve pro­vided some ideas and free down­loads so you can give that per­fectly wrapped present!....see more here.

Gathered Memories
Ask your loved one's friends and family to write down a memory and send it in the mail (or email it for you to print out). Then present a stack of letters as a gift of gathered memories! See more here.

Can of Dates
This is one is a fun gift to give your husband/wife or give to a couple!
The creator of this gift said:
"I typed up many date ideas that I printed off on colored paper and folded up to fit into my can.  Some of the date ideas involved additional items that could easily be tossed into the can as well.  If you felt generous you could give a series of gift cards, money, or items to use on a date.  Haven't we all had crazy nights where we wish someone would do the thinking for us!  Hopefully this can will help create fun memories that will last a lifetime!"
See more here.

Pampering Kit
This creative idea was meant for a new mommy, but get creative and you could give it to anyone! Just think of the possibilities of what could go inside!
See more here

Wedding Invite Ornament
This is SO SWEET! Make a Christmas ornament from a wedding invitation! From your wedding or give away to a couple! :) See more here.

Gift of Memories
"The first year is the least rewarding, but I imagine that in 10 years, it will be a daily treat to be reminded of what happened on that date over the last decade. I think these would make great gifts this season, not only for adults but also for older kids, baby showers, retirement parties, wedding showers and more." 
See more here.

These are just a few ideas, but I'm sure y'all can think of lots more! In the book "Advent Conspiracy" I read about a son giving his dad a bag of coffee beans with a note that they could only be used to drink coffee together while telling stories that made him the man that he is! It's easy when you start thinking about it! Let's help each other be creative! Share your ideas in the comments of this post. 

(more beautiful ideas by Design*Sponge here!)

happy *lovingly thoughtful* day!

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Britt@artbybritt said...

I love all of these! I might just have to make a Can of Dates for my husband this year...