DIY Advent Calendar!

"Advent" (from a Latin word that means "coming") is a time when we prepare for Christmas by celebrating both the coming of Christ as a baby and also that He's coming again for us as Believers! Anticipating helps us think about and hope for what's coming. That's why an Advent Calendar is so meaningful...it's like counting down the days in excitement!

I've seen SO MANY amazing Advent Calendars in the past couple of years, but nothing quite fit. Jeremy and I finally decided to create one out of tags! It was so fun to create together! Even kids can do it! Here's what you'll need:

25 tags (or paper that you punch a hole in!), letter stencils, a pen, magazines or scrap paper, scissors, glue and twine!

1.Start by finding fun, colorful patterns, textures, and designs in magazines or scrap paper and trace over the area using the stencil. 

2. Cut out each little number until you have all 25!

3. Glue each number onto a tag.

4. Add strings to your tags for hanging and find a place to tie them! We used this bird cage photo holder, but there's plenty of places that would be fun! Try hanging your tags on a garland, the Christmas tree, tree branches in a vase, or even tie them around little gifts that you'll open on each day! 

5. Each day, take time to add a number to the calendar all the way to the 25th! During these times, come together with your family to read parts of the Nativity story or Advent scripture readings.

I hope you enjoyed this super fun, super easy, DIY Advent Calendar!

Do you celebrate Advent? What do you do?

happy Wednesday!