Advent Conspiracy Update...

I wrote a blog post a little while back about the Advent Conspiracy. You might be wondering what that means....

"The Advent Conspiracy is a movement. It’s tens of thousands of Christians around the world throwing the kind of birthday party Jesus loves. It started in 2006 with just four churches. Today there are Advent Conspirators in over 20 countries, celebrating Christmas more deeply and blessing others with safe drinking water, offered in Jesus’ name."

 I hope you take a few minutes to watch the video...it has been so full in my heart this Christmas. Since it meant so much to me, I wanted to give y'all the opportunity to get involved in changing lives forever by spending less and giving more! Last week I posted ideas about how to spend less and give meaningful, heartfelt gifts. Thanks for your support and input! Feel free to check them out again as you do your shopping in the next couple of weeks. 

I also offered free gift tags if anyone wanted to give the gift of clean water this Christmas and I was SO encouraged by the response! Those tags are the on the way to donors this week (thank you all!!!)

I took this photo on a snowy day in front of our Christmas tree. It really had me thinking of how easy and convenient it is for me to walk 5 steps to the fridge to get clean water in a bottle. I have water at my disposal for cleaning myself, dishes, my clothes, my home....to cook with, to drink...and I never have to wonder if there will be enough, where it will come from, or if it will make me or my loved ones sick.

Then I see this water bottle....

I felt inspired to create these gift tags using the water bottle image. I carved the stamp by hand, and each tag was hand stamped and some of them even embossed!

The back of the tags say....

I hope you'll continue to give to Living Water International this Christmas! Not only will you be giving a gift to a loved one, but also to someone who needs you! 

Please give a gift at:

Hope your days have been so merry and bright! Thanks for joining me in the Advent Conspiracy!
happy tuesday!

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Wynne Elder said...

amazing!!!!! love the tags!!!! just got cards to put ours in today :) love your heart!